World of Rhilamar

Cannibals and Wolves: The Nature of Duality and Morality

As we traveled we found a figure lying in the grass, expecting an ambush I approached cautiously. As I drew near, the figure began to stir and then sat up revealing an unknown woman. Taken aback by this I found myself once more silent in the company of strangers. I thought I had gotten over this. Thankfully Gundar stepped forward to take on the trying task of speech. Surprisingly, she speaks a common tongue! The woman introduced herself as Kit but other information is lost on her. This bothers me. The main reason for this being I too know very little about my past. Only the glimpses that I got from the Man and Woman who called me son that day. We welcomed her into the party, at least until we find a safe place, as traveling in a group is much safer than alone. Hopefully we can help her in some way. Not knowing who you are can be a special kind of beast.

Not long after this, as we ventured forth, we heard what sounded like a large cat creature in pain and the sounds of battle. Upon investigation we saw the corpses of small human like creatures and wolves. One of the Small creatures yet lived but was gravely injured. I rushed forward to help how I could. The creatures dialect was unknown to me but I managed to convince it that I meant it no harm. As I mended the creatures wounds I was able to see glimpses of the battle that had left this thing injured, the cause was a large Dire Tiger that was fast approaching this creatures ilk. The party then did what it does best: Gundar step forward to aid the creature with his new healing magics. Ingrodi, Ahmri, and Ellisar lay support to the other creatures with arrows, a floofy pupper, and Pony Hype. Skipper rushed off to flank the foe along with Kit, though Kit got to the creature first to her dismay as after she struck a sound blow to the creature he focused on her and let out a flurry of blows…. Hmmmm I like that…. That left her unconscious. Thankfully, the creatures had done a lot of damage to the Dire Tiger before we got there so it was easy to take down as more of us joined the fray. 

The creatures, the Warvin, thanked us for our help and offered their fire and food for the night as they loaded up the corpses of all the fallen. Gundar looked sick at the idea and told Dimfoodle if the Warvine were going to eat their allies. To which Dimfoodle retorted with a best not to ask. Gundar thought for a moment but put up no further objections. Thankfully we only dined on wolf that night as we plotted our next move. Which would be to head to an old Dwarven mine before we could reach the elven ruins on the other side of a mountain. The Warvine said they would escort us as much as they could in thanks for the help but they would need a few days to pack their gains first. We agreed and began our down time. Funnily, as I practiced my new art one of the Warvine took an interest and wondered if I was dancing. I did my best to inform it that I was practicing fighting and it's eyes lit up and began to emulate my movements. This made me blush but I did my best to focus and show it all that I knew.

The night progressed and I was awoken by Gundar he said that he had heard the howl of wolves but before he could say any more Kit came from the woods and told us that Skipper was not to be trusted and that he had killed his Horse. She said the howls where from stray wolves that feasted on the horse and became evil creatures after the fact. I knew that Skipper was going down a dark path now but I didn't think I would have to put him down this soon. I knew that there had to be a reason for him to do something like that. You don't just up and kill something that was your ally for NO reason…. Right? Skipper returned and Ahmri put him to sleep with a spell. And then we bound him to a tree.

When Skipper woke up he elaborated that he had done this for the good of the party. Brysgella was spying on us, this we knew, and he said in doing this act she would no longer be able to see our movements. He offered his horse as a sacrifice to Varghast so that we could move undetected. This conversation left a bad taste in everyone's mouth. Gundar and Kit both stayed silent with their eyes closed for a long time and Ahmri was not above showing his distaste. But I kind of agree with Skipper on this one. I do not like what he did but in nature you need to do some bad things in order to survive. If a snake bites you and you can't bleed the poison you cut off your leg, or wherever the snake bites you. Sometimes in order to survive you have to make that sacrifice. And this gives us some advantage at least over a great foe that is interested in us…. I just hope that we are not letting a snake bite us and saying it's for the best….. Please, stay strong, Skipper.

The path was clear enough thankfully. The Warvine showed us the way and took us to where they could and left us on our way. The Mine was close now. The Warvine said that Kobolds where dwelling in the mine now. They shouldn't be too much trouble, but you should never underestimate something that can think. Especially when they have shown adaptability in the past. Before I could think anymore on the matter Gundar rushed forward to meet an unseen foe. Before I could ready myself two large Mantis launched out of the trees. One meeting Gundar's challenge and the other landing near me. It's blow missed and Ahmri put it to sleep. I waited for Skipper to get behind the foe before unleashing a Flurry of my own blows against it. This one went down with little trouble but the Other still stood. I knew it wouldn't stand for much longer but help is always welcome. Gundar had done a great deal of damage as did Floofy Pupper and Kit. I rushed forward to give aid but instead the Mantis left me with a great wound. Blinded by the pain I was unable to see who landed the last blow on the creature but my senses came to me just in time to hear a howl coming from the mine….

To Be Continued. 

Skipper is falling deeper into Varghasts grip.

After several days of travel, we came upon a woman lying in the grass unconscious. Kah approached her and she awoke fairly confused. I then approached her and found out her name was Kit and she was unsure how long she was here, and where she was from. Because of this, I offered her to join our group so that she could be safer and potentially regain her memories.

After a short while, we heard a loud cry of some large cat and the moan of a humanoid creature. Kit sneakily approached the large cat while the rest of the group approached the moaning humanoid. Kah approached the downed Halfling and began offering aid after trying to show his meaning. Dimfoodle approached the Halfling and was able to slowly translate what we were doing so I approached and healed him before moving towards the dire tiger. Kit ended up attacking it with her bronze spear, sparking with blue-white fire. In retaliation, the dire tiger swiped at her several times and bit into her dropping her unconscious. The Halfling wolf-warrior stabbed at the beast, dealing a mighty blow. I quickly charged the beast and downed it with a mighty swing of my flaming club. 

After healing Kit, we spoke with the Halflings and they offered to have us join them for the night and for dinner. We agreed and we were able to find out from them there was a path up the mountain via some dwarven ruins. Kit spoke in fluent Warrows to the Halflings and asked about the other path they were hiding which was to their homeland so we stopped asking about that path.

Later that evening I awoke well before my shift of watch to the sound of bloodcurdling howls of some wolf-like creature. I quickly realized that this must be something that Skipper was involved in. I awoke the rest of the group and told them of my fears. Kit approached from the direction of the howls and told me of what she saw. Apparently, Skipper had killed his horse and a group of mangy looking wolves had eaten of the flesh and grew into monstrous beings with an evil aura and intelligent eyes. When Skipper approached Ahmri immediately put him to sleep and we tied him up.

After a short while, we conversed and tried to decide his fate. I prayed to Akela but could not gain his attention, almost as if he was busy dealing with this new evil Skipper had unleashed. I learned that Kit was another follower of Akela, and we joined together to try and reach him to ask his opinion of Skipper's actions. We still could not reach him but I felt him acknowledge me and say it was my decision. We awoke Skipper and learned of what he had done, and the reasoning behind it. We also learned of Skipper and Kah's plan to kill Skipper if he did ever go too far. With that in mind, we released him of his bonds and resolved to keep a closer eye on him.

The next day was spent recovering from the battle and the night's events, as well as waiting for the Halflings to finish curing the meat of the wolves and the dire tiger. Sometime around midday, I approached the Halflings and asked for some of the bones of the wolves and constructed a small shrine to Akela and I began to meditate in hopes of speaking with him. After a long while, I fell into a trance and felt myself appear before the great white wolf, Akela, himself. I spoke with him for some time and asked what I should do about Skipper. He told me he could not directly approach him because he had already chosen to follow Varghast instead of him. I asked if there was something I could do to try and counterbalance the appearance and creation of these new creatures, the wargs. He said there was, and to take some time before giving me the instructions for a ritual to do in his name when a decision was made. When I awoke I pulled the pack together and told them what I had learned, and spoke to Kit, Ahmri, and Ingrodi directly to ask their assistance in the ritual whenever the time came. They agreed after I told them the purpose of the ritual, and we rested for the night.

The next day we began the journey to the mountain taking most of the day to reach the base of the path that would lead us to the dwarven ruins. We rested there for an uneventful night before beginning the trek up the mountain path the following morning. We were wary of the ruins because we had heard of the Dogpeople that inhabited it. As we approached I sensed something hiding in the trees. It was two giant mantises and the jumped down from the trees. I approached one of them and was struck, taking only a glancing blow, before dealing a slight one in return. Dimfoodle put the other mantis to sleep and the rest of the group made short work of it. Kah approached the mantis in front of me and missed because the mantis had struck out at him dealing several blows before grabbing him and pulling him close. Between Ahmri, Ingrodi, and Floofy-Pupper, they managed to kill the beast. We managed to take a quick breather before hearing load barking coming from the ruins and we knew that the fight was only just beginning.

An Ambush... Again?

We were teleported to the edge of The Green and had been traveling for several days. On the morning of the 3rd(not sure) day we happened upon some elves that wanted us to give Ellisar to them, he is now one of my pack, so we refused, after a small time of back and forth I charged toward the Elven Archer, but on the way there I managed to fall into a pit of mud. From my vantage point, I could now see several other elves in the trees. The next thing I know I'm waking up after some spell of sleep affected me, I look around and notice others, with Floofie Pupper having just bitten me awake.

I hear Ahmri saying we will retreat, I agree but say that I want to try the ring of rage on them before we leave. I take a few more hits from arrows before I am able to utilize the ring of rage. I only end up affecting 1 of my targets, it seems that elves are rather strong against mind-affecting abilities. One of my companions casts Obscuring Mist to hide our exit, and I am able to get out of the area to meet up with the rest of the pack. While we are heading away I hastily drink a potion to heal myself, noting the uniqueness of the act. As we leave I wonder if, and when the elves will catch up with us.

stoneskIn grows stronger

We have faced off against a great force today, and chose the noble path of non-violence.  It was due to Ahmri's guidance that we chose as such and although the thought did not cross my own mind I am glad of it's choice.  I feel like my own blood lust has been growing stronger as has my connection with <s>bad wolf </s>Varghest. I am still in control, I am.  I have entrusted Kah with a duty should this not continue to be the case.  Though I don't know if he is strong enough to stop me…I don't know if even I am.  The people I once treasured and could not stop feeling anger over seem so distant now, the thought of revenge seemingly fueling itself.  Anyone who stands in my way seems like an obstacle that i can not forgive; but I must not lose myself.

The Ambush

 We made our way out of the Green after some rest. Skipper pulled me aside on one of the rests and entrusted me with something very important. I worry about him but I also believe in him. Later on in the day we where stopped by, seemingly, two elves asking…. Demanding we hand over Ellisar. We tried to delay them but they where having none of it and opened fire. As it turned out there where other Elves hiding in the trees and I cursed myself for not putting that together. I am still not too used to large group tactics but that's what I would have done. Gundar let out a charge and fell into a mud pit Ahmri noted was probably set up by the elves themselves. This would be a place at which they had the advantage so Ahmri advised us to take flight rather than stand fast in this encounter. After a bit of misfortune Gundar said he would target the elves with the ring. I stepped out of the range of the rings spell and out of most of firing range and tried to support the remaining parties escape as best I could. 


In the end we escaped with Gundar taking the brunt of the damage. But we are not safe as of yet. The Elves are still close by and I don't think they would abandon their hunt so easily. However, we did at least give them enough to be worried or hesitant about a second encounter. Only time will tell what they chose to do. As for me, as we took flight, I felt the strange powers inside of me grow, at least ever so slightly. I need to meditate and practice more as soon as I can.

Sleep well tonight, my love.

A gnome, an ogre, and a troll walk into the green.

After our encounter with the skeletons, we moved to somewhere defensible in order to rest and recuperate. The next morning we decided to backtrack and try a different path. Ahmri was sensing a vague aura of illusion magics coming from the path we previously ignored. So we began to walk down that path when we encountered a funny little man in a tree, that bore gemstones. He said we could take as many as we like, but before we could walk closer a dragon appeared behind us. Kah and I quickly turned to face it. I dealt it a glancing blow, and then it reared its ugly head and shot fire at myself and Kah. I went to attack it once more and was able to realize it was an illusion. I turned back to face the small man and found that Skipper was attacking Ellisar. Not knowing what this could be I went to the aid of my friend and began to hit him over the head until he stopped attacking Ellisar. We then confronted the small man, by then he had revealed that he was, in fact, a gnome, and asked him why he attacked us. After we awakened Skip, He and I began to interrogate him. He told us his name was Dimfoodle, and that he was alone with very little belongings within the green. He told us of the tragedy that had befallen his clan around a pot of stew. He was then able to tell us some information about the taint that we sought. We then told him of our plight, and I asked him if he would care to join or pack. He was taken aback at this and said he would need time to think about it. He gave us his ring of rage, and we began to come up with a plan, that just might work. After a short while, we went back to the point where we were ambushed before and began to dig a pit trap, with spikes on the bottom, to lay in wait for the Ogres. By some unknown force, the first ogre was able to notice our pit trap, I immediately tried to use the ring of rage, when it hit me. It was a once daily use! And it had already been used, against us! Our original plan now thrown out of the window, I went up to the first ogre and began to attack it. We may not have gotten them to fall into the pit but we did manage to choke the choke point. The battle lasted a short while, with the ogre I was facing losing his weapon and nearly stealing mine. Just before the battle ended, I managed to be grabbed by the second ogre and thrown into the pit, luckily taking no damage. I then tried to climb out and slipped while halfway up, greatly damaging my pride. After defeating both ogres, and getting helped out of the pit we decided to go forward to face the greater enemy. As we approached the taint, we heard a deep chuckling sound coming from a very large figure. Bigger than the ogres. Myself and Kah immediately charged the beast and began attacking it. Shortly after the battle begins Dimfoodle joins our side and attacks the troll with magic. After a few back and forth attacks we began to notice that the troll was regenerating. The fight was going badly for us, and we began our retreat. We had several unconscious or injured companions and were trying to find a way to save them. While Ahmri was trying to retreat he remembered the pool, and that we must cleanse it. I toss him the bag and he begins to cleanse the pool. Then Trinian absorbs magic directly from the ley line, healing our injuries, and dealing damage to the troll before falling unconscious. Ahmri pulls magic from the ley line trying to light my club on fire so that I can do more damage to the troll, but in doing so he pulls more then he thought, making my club a weapon of fire, because of this he has a terrible headache. I finally hit the troll with a mighty blow knocking him out and his body burning to ash. We tend to our wounded, and we bathe in the pool as instructed by the fae women. Upon bathing in the pool we feel more powerful, and I feel my connection with Akela grow. Dimfoodle agrees to join us, and we gladly accept him. Our pack is then are transported to the far side of the green, to make up for our lost time dealing with this threat. Who knows what could be in store for us next.

The Time I set Myself on Fire

 We entered further into the green and found a strange tree with gems as fruit and gold for leaves. On this tree sat a small creature that asked us if we wanted it's gems. Ahmri cast doubt to it's intentions and was quite right to as he cast a spell to make a Dragon ascend behind us. Or so we thought. The Dragon was only an illusion as we found out. Though, a true danger was when he cast a spell on Skipper to make him target allies. (I forgot who) put the Gnome to sleep and we calmed Skipper down by taking the Gnomes ring.

When he woke up we questioned the gnome about why he tried to trick us and other things. As it turns out, he too is an outcast of his clan and targeted us because he was hungry. No foul their. I kill things when hungry. We made some food and he told us things about Magic and a bit about his home world and the Gnomes. Ahmri, being ever good with his words, said that we would help him find his kin and be a good example of what humanity has to offer. In addition, the Gnome gave us a clue to the taint in the green: Two Ogres guard the taint but usually go out and hunt near dusk.

With that information we went to where we thought the Ogres where likely to make their way and dug a pit with spikes at the bottom to trap them and hopefully weaken them. Ahmri also noted the Ring the Gnome had could make the Ogres target each other as well to take some of the heat off of us. We disguised the trap then took to hiding and waiting.

Unfortunately, when the Ogres arrived they noticed the trap almost right out. Gundar stepped forth and used the rings power but to no avail. Instead of screaming in rage at each other, they screamed with delight at the sight of a fight. The battle was hard fought but in the end we claimed the victory thanks to the quick thinking and skills of my kin.

Further into the green nearing where the taint palpably dwelled. we approached with caution and it spoke in Giant at what it thought was his Ogre companions. My stomach dropped as I saw what had been the cause of all the badness in the Green: A troll. Memories of the one I encountered what seems so long ago came rushing back. I would not be saved this time. I would have to fight this fight. Thankfully, magic seemed to be stronger in this area. As we fought the Troll the casters seemed to do remarkable magics that they could not before. Especially sweet Trinian. She caused massive amounts of damage to the Troll and healed the part. But it did not seem to be enough. Eventually our wounds grew grievous and fear instilled us once more but after a massive healing spell from Trinian she told us to "Kill this thing" before she fell.


Then I lit myself on fire. Accidentally. With Magic. As Skipper and Gundar struck mighty blows to the Troll I wondered if I too could tap into the magical energy that was in this place. I concentrated on what I saw that man do. But instead of isolating the energy on my feet or hands my body was set aflame. But I did use that to my advantage! It may not have been as elegant but was effective none the less.

The day won to us once more. But I worry for Trinian. She is gaining so much power that is beyond her control. While I know that she can learn to control it I fear that she may not learn in time over the rate at which she gains her power. Please stay safe, my love. I will learn how to protect you. I will delve into magic myself if only to help you. That night, for the first time ever. Having watched Klaria and Tanguma all those nights before, I meditated on the ways of fighting and on the magic that I now feel within me.

Sleep well tonight, my love.

Enter the Green

Yo, there is this lady and she is ALL about Ahmri! She came up to us as we where making our way to more elven places and started flirting with Ahmri something fierce and saying that he lives for her or something? I was only half paying attention to them. Win for me though, I got muh face painted.

We agreed to check out what has been causing trouble in the green but only investigation wise. Aaaaaand it's already going super great! I got poisoned and I have been ineffective in combat! Nice! 

I did do a fair bit of damage to the spider that bit me but after that we came across undead and I couldn't hit them for the life of me. Not for lack of trying, mind you. I am trying to fight like I saw that man fight. He was super cool with his moves. I have some ideas on how to do what I need to but it's getting my body to do what I want it to. Yo, does this poison make you less intelligent? I am feeling strange.

We Venture into The Green

As we traveled more to the east Ahmri began to notice we were dangerously close to The Green, if not already within it. After he mentioned this to us and he was speaking with Ellisar a fae woman appeared to us and said she knew Ahmri. She began to talk of Ahmri's newfound devotion to The Green and that the power he was receiving from it made him its Guardian. Apparently, I and Skipper were not the only ones that had made a deal. She spoke of something within The Green, causing rot to spread and I felt a vague cloud of badness surrounding the area. Ahmri told the girl that we would investigate before deciding to do anything further and that we would need time to prepare. Ahmri decided to paint all of our group to embody predatory animals, Skipper and I took on the visage of wolves, myself white and he black. Ingrodi an Eagle, and Kah a tiger. Ahmri made himself appear as a fox. We then ventured into The Green proper. As we were exploring I was continuing to feel a stronger presence of rot within the area. We soon came upon a group of giant spiders. We immediately began to attack them. I could not sense evil within them so I did not use my new power. After defeating them we continued on into the forest. We were soon attacked by a group of skeletons clad in the armor and colors of Riverrun. This concerned me greatly for it seems that Brisgella was a greater threat then we originally thought. We were not free of her yet, and she has not forgotten us. It seems we will have to face her eventually. Hopefully, we are much stronger at that point. After facing the skeletons we decided to continue onward. Searching for this rotting presence within The Green.

Learning the ways of the Bad Wolf

As I fought the ooze, having had a night to sleep on the decision presented to me I made my choice.  I chose the power of reckless abandon.  Now that I have made up my mind things flood to me.  My options become clearer and my rituals more obvious.  I bleed our enemies at the end of every battle and invoke bad wolf's name often.  I try to focus more on the positive side of him, of how to use him to my own ends.  My methods work…for now.  As we are called to fight the taint in the forest I can see that there is still some good I can do using this evil.  Even as I grow stronger, and as we move further from home, my mind only drifts back to vengeance; I must control myself always….always.


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