World of Rhilamar

Returning from the Hunt and Congratulations

The trip back from the hunt was going well. Our first morning, after Ahmri had sung the sun up, we found out someone had joined our camp within the night. We found out his name was Akela and was one of the great spirits, a sometime companion of Raven. He told us that he was the one that had put him in the cave to humble him. A few of us traded our Raven feathers for Wolf tokens from Akela. We made our way back to the village that day when we ran into a group of staving gnolls. I had heard tales of the beasts that roamed the north and that had attacked Highrock. I had never thought to see them this close to the village. A few of them attacked me, and I blocked the first attack and snapped his spear. The second hit me and barely scratched me. Ahmri put two of the gnolls to sleep and Ohanzee killed several. The one who attacked me fell unconscious after Klaria attacked it with something. I attacked it and crushed it's skull, killing it where it lay. After scavenging a few items from the gnolls to use as trinkets we finished our trek to the Riverrun. Upon reach Riverrun we learned that none of the other hunting parties had returned. We gave our 71 portions of meat to the cook tents to be prepared for the party. I went to speak with my father, not wanting things to be further strained between him and I. After telling him my story he said it was wrong for him to speak to me the way he had and that I would bring much honor to our family and to our clan. I spent most of the day helping out with cutting and preparing the meat, as well as gathering firewood and helping move around various items to set up for the coming festivities. Near the end of the day I learned that my uncles had returned and they congratulated me and my party on our hunt, and said the next clan hunt, they would be sure to include me. I finished out the night swapping stories with the other warriors from other clans and villages before heading back to my family's hut. On my way there I encountered (party members and talk about the information we learned as well as what we were going to do about it.)


JamesVHejsek JamesVHejsek

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