World of Rhilamar

The hunt for glory


Gundar was unhappy with not being chosen by the Longstorm to hunt for the village chief's daughter's 16th year. Because of this he went to his friend Skipper to gather a group of friends to earn glory for his clan and for his family. Gundar went to ask his father's advice for where to hunt, but his father was unhappy with him and said he would bring shame to the family, and the clan. Gundar left anyway with his group of friends. After two days of travel they came upon a massive Stag and they began to hunt it. Gundar went to hit the stag and was slashed with antlers bigger then he himself was. After taking a grievous wound the Stag took off. His friends followed after it while he slowly caught up. The Stag had wandered into a cave were Klaria and Ahmuri heard a strange voice cry out "Help!" We found the stag dead from bleeding out and a strange Raven spirit caught in some tree roots. The Raven told us of two "shinies" in the cave, and if we gave him one he could escape and we could keep the other for ourselves. Ahmuri agreed to help him and I began to field dress the dear with the help of Skipper and Ohanzee. While the pelt was being dried out a treestump creature attacked Klaria and Skipper. Meanwhile Ahmuri was caught by the same roots holding the Raven. Gundar's best friend Skipper fell to the tree creature and in a rage he charged the creature and pummeled it. After this he and Ohanzee found the "shinies" that the Raven mentinoned. Gundar gave one to the Raven and he freed himself and Ahmuri. After this they left the cave and settled down for the night with their bounty of over 180 pounds of stag meat, and the antlers of the mighty stag.


I like it. Keep up the good work.

The hunt for glory
JamesVHejsek JamesVHejsek

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