World of Rhilamar

The time I broke my arm and about died

by Skip

So the great hunt was set for today and with the hopes of earning favor with the chieftain hanging in the balance i was eager to take part.  It was to my great dismay that I discovered that my village had deemed my skills inadequate.  It was at this point a few of us got an idea to go together and after having received my father's blessing and been graced with the blessing of my ancestors me and my compatriots began our journey west.  After two days time of marching and toil we came across a clearing; in which we found a behemoth of a stag.  While we had planned to chase it into a trap it ran another way.  We chased it and dealt many a great blow before it ran off to a cave that was feeding a river.  Once inside, we found a poor raven that was trapped by a magical tree.  This was obviously was going to be a hard time.  After some finagling, we found what we had to kill was a stump and that the stump was protecting some magical birdseed orbs.  After being beat unconscious by said stump and having my arm broken it was defeated.  I awoke and for our assistance the raven offered us a feather each and said that we could call upon him.  My comrades for this great hunt and whom i share the glory with are: Ahmri the Suncaller, Gundar the Fearless, Ohanzee the Spearthrower, and Klaria the Witch. To note my valiant steed Artax was there as well.


Gundar the Fearless is Canon now.


I like how you let Skipper’s personality shine through in this. Keep up the good work. I love how this is coming together so far!

JamesVHejsek JamesVHejsek

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