World of Rhilamar

The Epic of Riverrun 5

Exploring round their verdant wooded home

Ohanzee spies an ruined elven dome

They go to see whats held in decayed tow'r

To search for tools and for treasure to scour


When coming close they see among the stone

A gnoll was standing watch, his skin like bone

A tribe of hungry gnolls had made a base

The vicious leader making it his place


The singer weaves a song and changes shape

To lure the watchful gnoll into a scrape

They wish to get some info from the chap

The ruse does work, the gnoll walks in a trap


But Skippers blade does cut too deep and wide

Before he made a cry the gnoll did die

Chastizing Skip for careless swing and stab

The singer finds a new gnoll they can grab


This time Gundar does wield his mighty club

They drag the sleeping gnoll into a shrub

And questioning him for secrets of his horde

They learn of captured elf and of his lord


A rageborn gnoll led all these wild dogs

His vicious ways entranced the wicked trogs

An elven captive held against his will

They tried to get the treasure with his skill


The heroes planned to save the elf from harm

Their plan, to sneak and not to make alarm

Thus, hiding in the shadows, see the breadth

Of elven ruins dark and dang'rous depth



The Epic Of Riverrun 4

Despair had flooded in on mighty tide

And left with nothing but their time to bide

Fair Trinian was witness to the blood

They cast her in with traitors, thrown in mud


But even in the darkest night so bleak

The dim and pinpoint light of stars does streak

Ingrodi was the witches daughter dear

But loved the singer and for life did fear


Her hair did flow like crimson rays of morn

Her limbs as lithe as newborn deers when born

The beauty in her eyes made all to say

That even in black night, despair's at bay


Ingrodi met with Skipper, they did plan

To free the real heroes from trait'rous clan

Skipper did sneak into the shamans hut

And got the Spirits gifts from witch's glut


Then suddenly alarm rings round the camp

The witch detects thievery from the scamp

Her warriors and magic rally now

To stop the bid for freedom from the bough


Now battle joins with captives fighting hard

No weapons in their hand with which to guard

The singer weaves his voice so rich and deep

And tells the ropes untie into a heap


Now fighting freed, the witch releases rage

Her spells to stop escape from wretched cage

A deep slumber comes on them as they flee

But Skipper has the tools to make them free


Upon the Raven our hero does call

He asks for help escaping from them all

The Raven's power surges to their aid

And in a forest clearing they were laid


Banished from homes, they look to futures path

Free as they are from witch's mighty wrath

Ingrodi and Trinian joined them now

They had no home left to them anyhow


They leave Riverrun gravely in the past

And vowing to return to win at last

The wide world opens to their tattered feet

Fate welcomes them and gladly they do greet

The darkness of the world they swear to beat






The Gnoll, The Elf, and the Vault

We steeled ourselves for what may come next. The Gnoll we captured said there was an elf deep below but was guarded by his hungry brothers. A fight is sure to be had, though hopefully we are able to sneak past…. Nope…


As we made our way to the location the Gnoll told us about the others spotted us and from that moment on we fought. We fought our way to the door and to the way down. As we reached the depths we fought them in their home. We where playing into their hands. Though, the word smith with his brilliance had an idea when nearing where the elf was being held. "Trap the trappers." He summoned a very fine pony and sent it into the dwelling where it took a fair few hits for us and vanished. With sound blows from my companions and the sweet Lady Trinian we dispatched the creatures and found the Elf.


He speaks of a "vault" a place in which to stor valuables. He says that if we help him to the vault we are free to take the loot save for the "Scrolls". He wishes them for himself so he may learn more about himself and his ancestors I think? I understand that… But maybe not as much as Trinian as she stepped forward and talked with the elf of the magics she has and how they where "Born" with it… I hope she can find herself in this elfs words or even teachings.

The Train went a rolling

We had Klaria stay with the gear as well as Skipper's horse. We went to start the journey down to where the elf was and immediately ran into opposition. I was the first in and struck down a gnoll. Ohanzee quickly followed and attacked and killed several as well. We fought through a few before realizing we were in the wrong building. I went over and checked another building and found a bag full of obsidian arrowheads and some carved bits of bone. I rejoined the fight in front of the right building and managed to take out a few before Ahmri knocked out a few using magic. I ran down the stairs and encountered several hungry gnolls and was able to kill one of them as the rest of the party came down the stairs. Trinian used some sort of magic to damage several of them. We kept following several gnolls killing them as we went before stopping before a room full of hungry gnolls, as well as warriors, and what we assumed was the rageborn. Ahmri came up with a plan to defeat their trap and summoned a pony that was shining with a strange light. The poor pony walked into the room, taking several hits and killing one of the hungry gnolls with an attack before succumbing to the shower of Javelins and blows. I went into the room and killed a warrior before having the rageborn approach me dealing a mighty blow with his large bronze greataxe. After a few minutes, we all came together to kill the rageborn, doing most of the damage myself, and we made short work of the other gnolls. We then heard a sound of knocking coming from a room down the stairs and after Skipper checked it for traps I removed the log blocking the way and out came an elf man speaking in slow Seonese. He told us his name and told us he would help us find the "Vault" of his people and that we could have whatever we wanted from it other than the "scrolls" of his people. We moved back to a previous room and prepared to settle down for the night and recoup our lost strength before we continued on.

Is That a Gnoll In Your Pocket...

Finally! Ingrodi came with our gear on Skippers horse! I am not sure if I can trust her having been so close to the Witch, but then again the mentor doesn't make the person. And, I guess the same can be said about parents but i am not sure if that's true with my own past. I don't have much to go on there. So we have a few options now but our closest seeming target is the strange ruins that Ahmri noticed when we got here. It's a good a lead as any.

We head over and find a few hungry Gnoll's in the area. They shouldn't be much trouble but never underestimate an animal that is hungry. Especially if they have attacked human strongholds before in their hunger. Ahmri, decided that he would lure some of the Gnoll's on guard by seducing them as a female of their species….. Nice?

Our first target was felled by a sound blow from Skipper. The others had a problem with that but I was far too impressed to be bothered. And besides, as Ohanzee would say "Good riddance!" But that could be bad rubbish of me to say.

We had a lot more success with the second Gnoll, though I failed my attempt to subdue the beast, the rest of the party came upon him swiftly and had him dispatched. The Gnoll says that there is a Elf deep below these ruins and is guarded by a "War Born" White hair, human eater… I think I know where we will be going next…

Our First Test

After we were teleported to the woods we spent a few days gathering up what we could for food and moving to shelter while we waited for Ingrodi. During this time I went to a tree and found one of it's larger branches and broke it off. I slowly was able to fashion it into a large club. When Ingrodi arrived with Skipper's horse and the rest of our belongings I was able to finish the club with some more detail as well as a grip out of some rope.  We slept one more night and then we decided to go investigate the ruins to the north of us. Myself, Trinian, Ahmri, Ingrodi, Skipper, and Kah went towards the ruins. Trinian and I stayed back while the others approached more cautiously. Skipper found a Gnoll nearby so we all decided to wait in ambush for it to come towards us. Ahmri ended up using magic to disguise himself as a female gnoll. When the gnoll approached us Skipper leaped into action and ended up cutting the gnoll down. We then had to try and find another gnoll in order to question. Ahmri went further ahead and found another gnoll to lead back to a new ambush site. I thought disaster had struck when the gnoll noticed Kah so I immediately whacked the gnoll over the head with my new club. It promptly fell unconscious. I then picked up the gnoll and we headed back into the forest. We began to discuss what we were going to do. After I while I interjected and asked Kah and Skipper to ask the gnoll a few questions. We learned of an Elf being held prisoner and we learned of the possible number of gnolls we may encounter. After our group decided to rescue the Elf I gave the gnoll a day's worth of trail rations and instructed Kah and Skipper to tell the gnoll to leave or else I would kill him. The gnoll quickly got up and scampered away. As we watched the gnoll leave we returned to our camp to talk with Ohanzee and Klaria in order to tell them of the plan.

Out of the Cauldron and into the Fire.

The cell was that of wood and rope. Skipper was not with us in the cell so that brings hope. The question is what can we do in this time. No weapons, guarded at all times, a huge witch watching our movements. I don't see options but I do sense desperation. In me. Deeply ingrained like roots. Roots of rot and decay. The feeling is unpleasant but rot yet yields life in a different form. We have time but still not enough. My brain is buzzing with thoughts outrageous and fancy. Spirits, I recall the ones who called me son. I don't need these thoughts now, I need to focus but I can't keep my head right. Between Trinian so close and what is to be our doom drawing closer… No! Any chance, any opening must be taken. Regardless of risk. If I face death I will do it on my terms. I will not be their martyr, I will not be their example!

As night fell hope had dawned. A guard noticed a light in Tanguma's hut. A fire had started! This would be our key. We advanced to threaten the guards and free up the word smith who had been bound earlier. We failed this several times but we persisted until finally he was free. He spoke his rhymes and made an opening large enough for us to crawl through. Hope! We made our way to flee as fast as we could with so little and opening. One by one, Ahmir, Klaria, Ohanzee. Brysgella cast one of her charms and put them to sleep and the guards advanced to the hole. Oblivion! I throw myself at the opening in spit of the impending doom. The guards spear misses and snaps as it hit the ground. Hope. I make to grapple my foe but he doges my advance and then suddenly….

The world is not the same as it was? I look around me and see my friends safe, save for Skipper. He lie broken and bleeding. I begin to rush to his side and I hear the crow perched atop his head speak

"As an added bonus I could save this ones life."


We failed. Now we must find a new path.

After our planning we split up, myself with Ahmri, while Skipper, Klaria, and Ohanzee went to go investigate Tanguma's hut. Ahmri instructed me to keep a close eye on the chieftain meeting so I went to the communal fire outside of the hut. There I saw Kah, a fairly new face to me, having only ever seen him from afar. He presented Trinian with some gift and walked away. After a while Ahmri had walked up to the fire, he was disguised differently, but I could tell it was him. Trinian, on the other hand, did not see past it. Ahmri loudly announced that he was visiting from Lake and wanted a cup of mead, in keeping with the hospitality of one who lives in Riverrun. He motioned towards the chieftain meeting hut and I went and talked to the guard there about procuring some mead from inside the hut. I went in fairly quietly when I overheard Kholar and the other chieftains/shamans discussing the gnoll problem. At this point, I noticed that they were rather intoxicated and, sensing a chance to potentially earn some respect for my clan I spoke up about me, and my friend's, encounter with six of the beasts. One of the chiefs said if I will share stories with them then I should share in the circle, and in their mead. I sat near one of the chieftains and began telling my story, after having drunk down a cup of mead. Curiously they seemed to take my tale well, and I ended up drinking more and more of that fantastic mead. After what seemed like ages I heard something faintly outside of the hut when Ahmri, Klaria, Skipper, and the small one, Kah came in trailing Brysgella and her daughter Ingrodi. Before I could register what was happening I was asleep. I awoke to a scene that confused me to no end. Some of the other chieftains were attacking my friends, and Korran was attacking Kohlar! I quickly went to join the fray. I had nearly taken care of Valduf when something hit me from behind and I fell unconscious. When I awoke I had a headache and I was in a recently constructed cage with my friends, as well as Trinian. The only one who was missing was Skipper. I was worried and then I heard that we had been apprehended after killing several of the chieftains, as well as Kohlar, and that we would be executed on the full moon. I didn't believe it at first but grew resigned to it and wondered what our group could do. We had failed to protect our Chieftan and the village believed us traitors.

The Epic of Riverrun 3

That fateful night they gather into one

To plan assaults against the witch's fun

They break into each plan to try and save

Brave Kholar's life from traitors and the grave


When to the rear of shaman's thatched hut

Ohanzee and Stoneskin, her plan to cut

Do wield a torch to set the thatch ablaze

Alas, the hut's protected from the rays


Klaria joins with silent hunter Kah

To search for hints of traitors secret flaw

But, hope turns to dismay and wond'ring word

The meaning of such clues is all but blurred


Gundar and singer seek to find the chief

To warn of traitors plot and bring relief

The wicked web so carefully they spun

Did snag Gundar from which he could not run


Of all the hunters plans to end the plot

Each tried and failed, it all had come to naught

Their last ditch try to save great Kholar's life

To join in battle when traitors start the strife


Brysgella casts her spell of tranquil grip

To bind the chiefs, and Kholar's life to rip

The scoundrel Korran spears his fathers back

For tempted pride and  pow'r his soul did black


The battle joins, each hunter seeks to fight

Such wicked acts that they have brought to light

Their doom'ed acts do strive against the dark

But, brightest day brings twilight, dim and stark


The hunters glory brought from wildlands far

Is turned to ash from traitors blade and spar

Now fallen low and beaten, blame is theirs

Brysgella snared the chieftains hearts and cares


The hunters, now called traitors, by the switch

Can only glare and bluster at the witch

Trapped in a cage of wood and hemp and straw

Their secret hope, Skipper, escaped her claw


Be Still My Beating Heart

The event's out on my hunt left my mind in a twist. I had no idea what to believe anymore. Then again I am not sure what to believe in the first place, other than the rare and radiant Lady Trinian. I pushed these trivial matters from my mind as I made it back to the village and set to work on the stunning Star Sapphire. I worked tirelessly on the piece and when I was done was very happy and impressed, albeit surprised, at my work. This day must be blessed.

She liked it! Oh spirits! I am not sure what to do with myself. If only I could have said something to her. Though, she deserves beautiful words that I am not sure I could give her. 

Finally, I find Ohanzee. He stood grouped with Klaria and a few others I had seen around the village, though not totally familiar with. The word smith, the strong man, and the knife master. Completely capable companions if memory tell's no lies. It was here they spoke of strange things; Tanguma seems to have some sort of plot to kill the chief? The information unclear and based on speculation. But I do trust in Ohanzee and if he says that this Brysgella is up to no good then we should put her down. We set out to investigate.


I awoke several hours later in a daze lying next to Lady Trinian. Not in the manner that I had hopped. A caged bird. I curse her brother as I make sure that she is alright. She nods that she is but I am not blessed enough to hear her sweet voice. I close my eyes and picture my new enemy, That woman, Tanguma, Korran. Korran! The thought of him fills me with a rage I have never felt before. How could he have taking arms against his father? The nerve! Does he not understand how precious family is! Brother, Sister…. Mother… Father… I think back to that man in the wilds… Potential… That's what he said… Wasn't it?…… My son… She said that too… Son… Who am I?


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