World of Rhilamar

Returning from the Hunt and Congratulations

The trip back from the hunt was going well. Our first morning, after Ahmri had sung the sun up, we found out someone had joined our camp within the night. We found out his name was Akela and was one of the great spirits, a sometime companion of Raven. He told us that he was the one that had put him in the cave to humble him. A few of us traded our Raven feathers for Wolf tokens from Akela. We made our way back to the village that day when we ran into a group of staving gnolls. I had heard tales of the beasts that roamed the north and that had attacked Highrock. I had never thought to see them this close to the village. A few of them attacked me, and I blocked the first attack and snapped his spear. The second hit me and barely scratched me. Ahmri put two of the gnolls to sleep and Ohanzee killed several. The one who attacked me fell unconscious after Klaria attacked it with something. I attacked it and crushed it's skull, killing it where it lay. After scavenging a few items from the gnolls to use as trinkets we finished our trek to the Riverrun. Upon reach Riverrun we learned that none of the other hunting parties had returned. We gave our 71 portions of meat to the cook tents to be prepared for the party. I went to speak with my father, not wanting things to be further strained between him and I. After telling him my story he said it was wrong for him to speak to me the way he had and that I would bring much honor to our family and to our clan. I spent most of the day helping out with cutting and preparing the meat, as well as gathering firewood and helping move around various items to set up for the coming festivities. Near the end of the day I learned that my uncles had returned and they congratulated me and my party on our hunt, and said the next clan hunt, they would be sure to include me. I finished out the night swapping stories with the other warriors from other clans and villages before heading back to my family's hut. On my way there I encountered (party members and talk about the information we learned as well as what we were going to do about it.)

The Epic of Riverrun 1
Stanza 1

The sun rose on the day so bright and clear

The chieftain’s daughter’s day was coming near

A group of heroes bring their spears in one

The hunt for glory was soon to be begun


Trinian Rivermoon was now of age

Her father, Kohlar, offered fame for wage

To bring back meat and honor was the goal

Their destiny in hands they could control

So listen close as this tale now unfolds


Heading west from Riverrun towards unknown

A woodland outcast leads, though stands alone

Ohanzee, with his spear glinting in black

He sees the trail concealed on the dirt track


Next, fair Klaria, learning ways of weave

That magic her heritage to retrieve

Her limbs, so clean, will now the blisters bear

To find what drives her forth from safety’s lair


Skipper Stoneskin seeks honor for his kin

Clothed in a cloak of warm animal skin

The young hunter will face great challenges

But in his eyes he sees that glory is his


A warrior who stands with club in hand

From weak to strong he wants to make a stand

Gundar Longstorm joins with a heavy heart

His father had dissuaded from the start


The last to come was me, the humble skald

A Daysinger, as he was then so-called

His voice will lift their spirits hanging down

As walking west they journey from the town


Into the wilds they take their journey far

Seeking new meat and hunting things bizarre

Until, at last, a stag so large and great

Stepped into a clearing to meet it's fate


To trick and tangle was the hunter's plan

Then charge and gather round the stag, each man

In pain it fled and in a shelter hid

Into a cave with wood and roots amid


The heroes tracked and found the gory cave

And ventured in hoping to find its grave

Within they found a corpse and raven black

In tree roots grip, its ribs about to crack


To free the raven was its mournful plea

To help such a creature they did agree

The magic of the cave then came to life

With roots and trees alike in fighting strife


Poor Skipper was then dealt a mighty blow

But, gath'ring round, they felled that woody foe

Returning magic to the sable bird

The roots entrapments removed by a word


The Raven gave them gift so fine and fair

A feather from its body floats in air

To ask one boon in recompence for deed

With power from the raven they had freed.



The hunt for glory

Gundar was unhappy with not being chosen by the Longstorm to hunt for the village chief's daughter's 16th year. Because of this he went to his friend Skipper to gather a group of friends to earn glory for his clan and for his family. Gundar went to ask his father's advice for where to hunt, but his father was unhappy with him and said he would bring shame to the family, and the clan. Gundar left anyway with his group of friends. After two days of travel they came upon a massive Stag and they began to hunt it. Gundar went to hit the stag and was slashed with antlers bigger then he himself was. After taking a grievous wound the Stag took off. His friends followed after it while he slowly caught up. The Stag had wandered into a cave were Klaria and Ahmuri heard a strange voice cry out "Help!" We found the stag dead from bleeding out and a strange Raven spirit caught in some tree roots. The Raven told us of two "shinies" in the cave, and if we gave him one he could escape and we could keep the other for ourselves. Ahmuri agreed to help him and I began to field dress the dear with the help of Skipper and Ohanzee. While the pelt was being dried out a treestump creature attacked Klaria and Skipper. Meanwhile Ahmuri was caught by the same roots holding the Raven. Gundar's best friend Skipper fell to the tree creature and in a rage he charged the creature and pummeled it. After this he and Ohanzee found the "shinies" that the Raven mentinoned. Gundar gave one to the Raven and he freed himself and Ahmuri. After this they left the cave and settled down for the night with their bounty of over 180 pounds of stag meat, and the antlers of the mighty stag.

Great Hunt

Day 1- We set out today on our journey for the Great Hunt. Upon my advice we are setting out farther than I have traveled away from the village. I was quite surprised they asked me to join in the first place, seeing as who makes up the members of our group. Though its more than likely due to Ahmri…hes a weird one, but he doesn't treat me with the same disdain that the rest of the village does. It is rather refreshing actually. My adopted parents were the last ones to show me any interest.

The day went rather smoothly. We quickened our pace to reach our target area so that we could make it back to the Village within the 5 day time limit. Klaria seemed to be exhausted after the days march; can tell she is not use to this type of outing. Wish I could make it easier on her.


Day 2- We woke up with no incidents in the night. After checking the stars before the sunrise we determined that todays march could be a more relaxed pace, making it easier on everyone. After I packed my gear I heard Ahmri start singing. He has a beautiful voice. As he sang the sun began to rise…I don't know if I can believe that he is the cause of it, but as he was questioned by the rest of the group he told us there has always been a Daysinger singing the sun back to us each morning. 

Half the day went by when we came upon a majestic buck. Larger than I have ever seen before. We quickly made plans to take the beast. Using magic we tricked the beast into the opening where the group was able to converge on him. it was great seeing the group in combat, and we seemed to work together rather well. Klaria used some magic that made the beasts shadow grab the bucks leg and keep it in place making it easier to surround it…something about that shadow felt comfortable…

In the rush of our group surrounding the beast I almost broke my long spear, making me cringe a little bit. The buck took off into the forest and all of us seemed to be surprised and missed the beast as it ran by. In one last attempt I ran after it and hurled one of my javelins and was relieved to see it sink into the bucks flank severely hampering him. I was able to easily follow the blood trail to a small cave entrance.

In the cave we found the body of the buck but we also found a talking Raven that seemed to be stuck by some moving tree roots. As the magic users tried to figure out a way to rescue the talking Raven (which was named a Great Spirit by Ahmri) the others and I field dressed the buck and packed it up on Skippers' horse. 

Once Ahmri and Klaria said they were ready to free the Raven, we all headed back into the cave. Klaria made her way further back into the cave only to be attacked by a moving tree stump! In its surprise attack it severely injured her and the rest of sprang into action to save her. Skipper charged forward to try to put himself in between Klaria and the stump, while Ahmri was then caught by the same branches that had ahold of the Raven. While we fought the stump, the creature grabbed onto Skipper and delivered a blow that me believe we had just lost one of our group. While entangled Ahmri was able to help us with the stump, by setting it on fire. That along with the mighty blow that Gundar dealt it we were able to defeat it. The first thing I did while the creature slowly burned away was run to Skipper to find that he was still breathing, just barely. After performing some first aide and making a splint for his broken arm, he came to and was able to walk out of the cave on his own.

While Klaria and the others tried to figure out a way to free now both the Raven and Ahmri, I decided to explore further into the cave. I found two small glowing stones in the floor, and some extremely fine obsidian shards that I collected. I called out to let the others know and Gundar came to investigate. He removed the glowing stones and handed one to me. I then handed it off to Klaria for her to inspect. While she inspected the stone, the Raven told us that if we gave it one of the stones it would be able to free Ahmri and itself. Gundar tossed the Raven the one he had and true to its word, the Raven freed itself and Ahmri.

As a gesture of thanks the Raven dropped 5 feathers telling us that if we ever need its help to hold the feather and think really hard about it, and the Raven will show up to assist us. Klaria was able to determine that the stone was used as a way to cast more magic without getting tired as quickly. I had thought to make it a present to the Chieftains daughter, but if it really helps her, Klaria can keep it.

As we settled down for the night I began to repair my long spear when Ahmri came up and offered to repair it faster. I was a bit skeptical but handed him my spear. He began singing and as I watched I could see the wear and tear of my spear repair itself. After a short time he stopped, handed me the spear, smiled, and walked away. 

I looked around our camp at the members of our group and watched as they performed their nightly routine. Could it be possible? For the first time in my life, I might have some friends.

The time I broke my arm and about died
by Skip

So the great hunt was set for today and with the hopes of earning favor with the chieftain hanging in the balance i was eager to take part.  It was to my great dismay that I discovered that my village had deemed my skills inadequate.  It was at this point a few of us got an idea to go together and after having received my father's blessing and been graced with the blessing of my ancestors me and my compatriots began our journey west.  After two days time of marching and toil we came across a clearing; in which we found a behemoth of a stag.  While we had planned to chase it into a trap it ran another way.  We chased it and dealt many a great blow before it ran off to a cave that was feeding a river.  Once inside, we found a poor raven that was trapped by a magical tree.  This was obviously was going to be a hard time.  After some finagling, we found what we had to kill was a stump and that the stump was protecting some magical birdseed orbs.  After being beat unconscious by said stump and having my arm broken it was defeated.  I awoke and for our assistance the raven offered us a feather each and said that we could call upon him.  My comrades for this great hunt and whom i share the glory with are: Ahmri the Suncaller, Gundar the Fearless, Ohanzee the Spearthrower, and Klaria the Witch. To note my valiant steed Artax was there as well.


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