World of Rhilamar

Skipper and I have made deals, but will they be for good or ill?

After our fight with the ooze, we were able to rest for a short while. After resting we slowly made our way to the vault Ellisar told us about. I was taking the lead and rounded a corner after being told to be careful because something lurked within the next room. I went into the room and saw an open doorway, where inside several elvish skeletons where shambling around. I quickly made my way back to the party and told them what to prepare for. I was knocked down by the first two to come upon our bottleneck and I was vaguely aware of being moved out of the way. It seems the fight went well and I was stabilized and regained some health. We then approached the door of the vault and between Skipper and Ellisar they managed to make some sort of key to turn the "tumblers" of the lock. Once we entered the vault there were many bronze blades, Ellisar called them shortswords, as well as a large wooden crate with bronze bands wrapped around them. We were able to retrieve some bronze arrowheads as well. After some time with the chest Skipper asked me to break the lock. I picked up a shortsword and with a great thrust, I shattered the clasp. Within this "chest" We found several potions, two of which healed and were given to myself and Kah as well as a potion to give me the strength of a bull. We spent the rest of the day and the next tending to our wounds as well as exploring our newfound abilities. I pledged myself to Akela and to my pack. I learned of the extent of Skipper's pledge to bad wolf and though I was uncomfortable with the evil that he had sided with I knew that if I were to dissuade him or turn against him it would only make the hold stronger. He is my friend and my family, and as part of my pack, I will be there to prevent him from descending too deep. Ellisar then told us of his plan to find more vaults to further his knowledge and he asked us to join him. We all agreed, with the exception of Klaria and Ohanzee who traveled north to Highrock in order to try and get the aid of the chief and shaman of the village. With our plans decided we began to take the journey west and quickly entered the Green. We were nearing a clearing when Kah said to stop and I felt a presence I had never felt before, though it was something far eviler then I could have ever believed. The.. creature spoke to us into our minds and told us of its mission that was given by Brysgella herself. It slashed at Kah and dealt him a grievous blow. Skip managed to get behind the creature and land a hit, doing no perceivable damage. I then went up to the monster and smashed down with my club while summoning up my new power from Akela to smite this creature. I dealt it a mighty blow and I knew I had gathered its undivided attention. Ahmri, Trinian, Ingrodi, and Ellisar all attempted to damage it but to no avail. I was soon strengthened by the voice of Ahmri as well as from something mumbled by Skipper. I was able to deal the creature a devastating blow shouting " Die you foul beast!", I thought the beast dead but it had narrowly survived my attack. Trinian whispered something to Kah and he seemed to gain new strength, for when he went to attack the creature he succeeded where previously he had failed. Ahmri ended up healing my wounds, a new spell of his from the Green no doubt. After the battle, we then decided to head towards the nearest settlement so that we could prepare for the long journey ahead.


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