World of Rhilamar


They have taken one of my family.  They will only know my rage, and only in death will they learn to regret their actions.  When we arrived at the dias I saw that she was still alive; their luck stays, they will die quickly.  I ran around the side to deal with the little ones so that we could get to our lone wolf.  She was kicking and fighting, and after the sun-singer's wash of their ritual they fell like leaves from tree at the end of summer.  We discovered that Ahmri's savior was a dragon and he helped immensely.   Now my mind turns back to Brisqella.  I will let nothing stand in the way of her death.  As we gather our belongings my mind drifts back to who I was, and I begin to make the weapon that could slay me.  I only hope I am not too late.  She must die, but she must be the only one to suffer.

Revenge grows closer

All of the time spent training, all of the sacrifices, all of the pain of losing home, all of it has come to a point.  That point is the point of my dagger, and it's aimed at Brisqella.  Her death comes ever closer, and I can not wait to see the life drain from her hateful eyes.  As we ride down the river I see only the blood that will be spilt.  As we stop at a local village I see only my home coming towards me with open arms.  If it hadn't been for these damn cultists we would've been home by now.  I will make them pay for this delay.  No village will be preyed upon like mine was so long ago now.  I have come for revenge, and not even these giant lizards will stand in my way.  

We begin our journey home.

We spent a few weeks with the Halven learning their language and helping out where we could. I learned how to build a "canoe" from the wood I helped cut down. Ellisar and Dimfoodle approached me and we discussed our next step. They decided to stay with the Halven in order to help them fortify their home, and to begin the process of taking back the surrounding land, and to slowly take back the towers. Ellisar, Dimfoodle and the leader of the Halven(don't remember if we got a name) talked to me about the possibility of setting up trade routes with them when things settle down after everything is said and done. 

Before we were to leave, one of the Halven, who had been speaking with us and showing us how to maneuver on the canoes, Galreath told us he would be joining us on our journey up the river. Because he was an experienced sailor, we were glad for the help. Most of us took to the water fairly well, with the exception of Ahmri, who managed to be sick for most of the trip. After several days, staying fairly close to the shoreline, Galreath told us we would be spending a night or two on the water, which concerned us. He had told us how we navigated with the stars and was worried when it started getting cloudy on the last day we were to stay on the water. He told us it would be fine, we would just have to get our bearings again when we landed.

The next day we landed on a beach, where we met the Algal people for the first time, and they welcomed us to their settlement. We hunted that night, in order to supplement their dinner and to make sure we weren't eating all of their food. While we were hunting, we sensed a strange unnerving feeling in the surrounding area. We couldn't place what it was, but Kit did notice that there was a large abundance of snakes nearby. After dinner, and the nightly fire, they offered us two of their huts, and we thanked them and settled in for the night. 

We all awoke with a start to the sound of screams and fighting nearby. In a rush I leaped down from the hut, landing heavily and attacked the first person in front of me. In moments the battle was well and truly on. Skipper landed near me and ended up taking out one of the cultists that were trying to surround me. In a flash of insight, a whirled my blade around and stopped the blade of one of the cultists from hitting Skip, and then I swung my sword and swiftly dealt with him. I may not be happy with some of Skips choices, but that doesn't mean that I won't protect my brother in times of need. We quickly dealt with the cultists and began to take stock of the villagers.

After a short while, we noticed there were several villagers missing, as well as Ahmri and Ingrodi. We quickly went to the forest to search for a trail, and I managed to find it. After a short while, I lost the trail, but Kit was able to find it when she shifted to her fox form. We came upon a strange stone structure and we noticed a stirring of bushes when a group of strange lizard creatures popped out of them. They were rather large lizard-like creatures, that stood on two legs, and had large vicious teeth and claws, and were covered in feathers. 

Kit, in a flash of insight, reached into her magic and cast a strange swirling vortex of ash, fire, and rock that descended on them. Myself, Skipper, and Kah handled the majority of them, with a few swipes here and there taking out bits of our health. After the battle, we gathered around to try and figure out our next step, and to gather what information we could.

Destiny Rears its Ugly Head

We followed our new half-elf friends and begin to lay our trap for the ogres and giants. I sensed a presence so much more evil than any other presence I had felt, and I knew that I would be the one to fell him in battle. Unfortunately, our plan was quickly thwarted when the fire giant leader noticed a few of us laying in wait. We waited for the ogres to come to us, as well as the hill giants, and we began to battle them. Skipper did something that was worrisome to me, he became a half-man half-wolf abomination, I fear for him and for his future.

At the beginning of the battle, we were not having many issues, until they began to group up more and start dealing better blows to us. Kit, who I am still slightly wary of, ended up calling forth her Blink Dog ally again, as well as creating a spiked pit for the hill giants to fall into which greatly changed the odds in our favor. After Ahmri managed to put several of the ogres to sleep, Kah and I began to head towards the other giants when the main fire giant broke through a building and began knocking down supports. In a stroke of genius, which I have come to expect from him, Ahmri used his magic to sever the final support with a great gust of wind, dropping the building on top of our foe.

After some time, and several near misses later, I was badly hurt, and our foe was still standing. I issued a challenge to the fire giant, using some of my newfound abilities from Akela, to make him fight me, and fight he did. His first attack took me by surprise, hitting me with a flaming tornado, nearly killing me on the spot, but luck would be firmly on my side, as well as some quick healing on Kit's part, as well as some much-needed help from Trinian. I began my assault on the being from my dreams and I pulled out all of the stops, using every last bit of my power and abilities to fight this foe.

I charged him, my great club held aloft, and began to grow to the point where I stood eye to eye with this fell creature. His aura was noxious, and the smoke that surrounded him made hitting him difficult. After a few hits back and forth, I was in a bad spot, when Ahmri, with the help of Ingrodi, used his special wind spell in concert with one of Ingrodi's arrows and blinded the fire giant. From that point on the fight became much easier and after a few final exchanges, the giant finally fell to my club. I reached down and grabbed up the sword of my dreams, as I began to shrink down to normal size. 

There is a long journey ahead of us, and we are very nearly ready to go back and reclaim our village from the evil witch, Brisgella.

Clash of the Titans

We followed the Elves to their dwelling and learned that one of their tribe members and the son of the Giant leader were missing. Goody. We also learned that the giant leader would be back soon and would be angry if his son was not found…. YAY! And Kit is a Kitsune working for a spirit called Rook. I remember that the others said they had encountered a raven spirit by that name. Awesome! I assume Rook must be looking for our best interests, but I have very little information on the spirit, and spirits don't really concern me.

Gundar relates a dream a dream that he has been having. A giant that towers over him as he tries to run. He feels that it is destiny that brings us to this place. I can't argue against that but it would be good to let these elves know freedom. It is decided, we will fight the giants and free these good people.


We set up around the town to ambush the giants. Our plan was to hopefully get the giant leader alone and take care of him as soon as possible. Unfortunately it did not go that way as he had spotted some movement on the rooftops and sent his cronies to investigate. It works out though as we lie in wait in the narrow passages of the streets. This would not stop them but it would make our job of eliminating them easier, as we will be able to move free while they will have to squeeze in to fight us. And this is when I found out how truly wonderful Trinian is! Kit had opened a pit below a giant spellcaster and a few ogres. The caster levitated out of the pit, only to find Trinian hovering before her. She dispelled the Giant's levitation and watched her fall right back into the pit and then tossed a fireball in after her for good measure. 

The fight was very taxing for us. More specifically Gundar and Trinian. Ahmri and I where also dealt a fair bit of damage but Gundar sustained heavy wounds while Trinian used up much of her magic to insure that we would come out on top. I am worried about her. Near the battle's end I poured some of my magic into her so she at least has that, but I am not sure it will be enough. Back home it turns out she would just draw the magic from the air around her but in this place the magic is not as ready. Against the caster she needed to absorb the spells cast at her. I must try to give her some of my spells each day in the hops of her regaining that lost power. The problem being I can't give her my best spells so I can have insurance but I can't give her anything less than my most powerful…. She is worth it though, I think. I can use my fists and I don't always need a spell to make them stronger. The magic is within me too.

I can feel it and myself growing stronger. I feel like that man who once called me son. That faithful day when I met him and my mother… It seems so long ago now. We will be returning home soon I am sure. The party has grown much stronger since then. I have grown much stronger since then…. Maybe when we free the village I can visit my mom… Maybe my dad too….. Maybe I can have Trinian come with me and we can find out a bit of my past together. It will give her a break before having to take charge of the Village. Spirits know that after we are done…. Bad thoughts… I must give her brother the chance to explain himself… Brysgela on the other hand will be blessed with death. I can do that for my chief at least. I will make sure that she pays. 

Vixen Unveiled

We followed the half-elves out of the city and along the beach until we reached their camp, which was nestled inside some caves. There, we learned that the giants frequently came through the area collecting slaves and sifting through the ruins of the ancient Elven city for treasures. They told us how the slave captain’s son had a secret relationship with one of the half-elf females of their tribe. Both had gone missing. After searching we uncovered their bodies, which had had their throats ripped out by some sort of beast. This worried the half-elves, as the slaver captain would be livid.

While everyone rested, I slipped out of the cave to scout in my fox form. Further down the beach, I noticed a massive ship in the shallows with huge humanoid figures on deck and rowing to shore. When I returned to the cave, I was immediately confronted by Gundar, who had seen my fox form outside the cave. This struck him as odd, because the fox had twin tails, and caused him to look closer. This, combined with my absence, and the fact that Squishy had licked my face and taken on a distinct foxy look earlier, made him put two and two together. He had also noticed my capelet and realized that they were made of raven’s feathers. Gundar asked what I was, and if I was working for Rook. I was honest with him and answered all of his questions. The group decided that I had proven my loyalty and allowed me to stay. Hopefully Rook isn’t too upset with me. I remembered to report what I had seen on the beach and we began planning for the battle ahead…

The Wasteland

We decided to hold up in a room in the ruins that we felt was defensible to rest and tend to our injured. I cast a warding spell that would alert us if enemies entered the corridor just outside of our makeshift camp. Just as we were settling in for the night, the alarm was tripped and we heard a faint knocking upon the stone door along with the voice of one of the kobolds stating they wanted to talk. As I was the only one who seemed able to understand their language, I acted as intermediary. The kobold, who called himself Kla'vor the Clever, said that he wished to propose a truce. Upon learning that we merely wished to pass through the ruins and be on our way, he agreed to grant us safe passage in exchange for opening for them a chest left by the Dwarves. We agreed to his terms and passed the rest of the night without further incident.

The next morning, we entered the corridor to see Kla'vor and his warriors waiting for us. They led us through corridors that narrowed very tightly and across a rickety wooden bridge into a large chamber. At one end lay a large, intricately carved stone chest with iron fittings. On the front, was a complex mechanism that kept the chest locked tight. Eager to prove myself, I set to work puzzling out the lock (with the help of my companions), which we discovered had another lock within. My lockpicks made short work of this and finally the chest was open! Kla'vor swooped in with delight immediately began examining the contents. Inside, I glimpsed many golden hexagonal discs with carvings on them, some small leather pouches with semi-precious stones in them (agates, amethysts, and the like), a jeweled rod, 2 intricately carved wooden boxes (one of which Kla'vor handed to me), and a shortsword with a jeweled hilt and leather sheath (which he also gifted us). I inspected the carved wooden box and discovered the inside was velvet-lined and held a strange, sticky ball of a greenish-blue color that was a little bit larger than my fist. I'm convinced it is alive and have named it Squishy.

True to his word, Kla'vor showed us the way out of the ruins. Outside, the vegetation was badly withered and blighted. When I asked Kla'vor about it, he said that the elves that lived in the area hundreds of years ago were at fault. Interesting, because Ellisar has told me about how something had chased off the elves and dwarves in this area long ago. Perhaps this was a result. We said our goodbyes and made our way through the canyon. It wasn't until we reached an overlook that we saw how severe the damage actually was though. An ashen gray wasteland stretched before us. Dark jagged spikes jutted up from the earth here and there like giant teeth. Once we got down into the valley, we realized that these spikes were actually once trees that had become like stone. We realized that were were standing where a dense forest had stood, but had now been reduced to mere dust. Trinnian mentioned that magic felt thin here. The others seem to think that whatever happened here and the disappearance of the elves must be related, and be the result of magic gone wrong. Before moving on, I spotted a large piece of amber the size of my fist on one of the trees. I pried it off and placed it in my pack. Perhaps Rook will like it.

After a few days of arduous travel, we came upon the massive skull of a great wyrm, a remnant of the war waged between dragons and the elves hundreds of years before. As we got closer to examin the skull, we accidentally disturbed a nest of giant scorpions. A loud chittering that made my fur stand on end could be heard as nine of these huge monstrosities emerged from beneath the skull and attacked us, black bodies glistening in the sun. They lashed out at us with their deadly stingers and wicked pincers. Ahmri used his magic to put half of the scorpions to sleep as Gundar, Kah and Skipper rushed in with weapons. Trinnian also tried to use her magic, but managed to curse herself in the process (perhaps a result of "thin" magic?). We worked together to finish off the scorpions. After the battle, we cleared out the nest and discovered a set of stairs leading down into what we presume to be the Elven ruins. Also of note, I tried pressing a piece of scale I found near the wyrm skull against Squishy. He ate it and changed color to match the hue of the scale…Squishy is a baby mimic!






Infiltration, Wolves, and Kobolds

This feeling is strange. Last thing I remember was chasing a rabbit to it's warren before being grabbed by a dark man. Then I was suddenly…more. I can now take on the form of a female of his kind. His name is Rook.

My master, Rook tasked me with integrating myself with a group of adventurers he'd had dealings with before. Secrecy is key as he feels they would not accept me or my aid if they knew he was involved. So, I positioned myself into their path and let them happen upon my prone form. Believing me to be in need of aid, they stopped and offered to let me travel with them for a time. When they pressed me for details of how I had come to be there, I clamed to not have any recollection of how I had gotten there. If only they knew. I have no real memories, because I have none. Only a few leftover memories of the "before time". One of the travelers, Kah, seems especially understanding, if a bit shy.

After traveling a ways, we heard the shrieks of a large cat in pain. After seeking out the source, we came upon a skirmish between a halfling hunting party that had been set upon by a dire tiger. I rushed in to aid them, but was perhaps a bit to eager to ingratiate myself with the group. I struck a direct blow to the beast with my spear, but immediately earned it's ire. It swiped me and I was sorely injured. I lost consciousness for the remainder of the battle. After coming to, a couple of the others in the group cast magic to heal my wounds. It looked easy so I gave it a try! I t worked, too, judging by the one called Ahmri's reaction! After my wounds had been seen too, we were invited back to the halfling camp, where we rested and ate. After conversing, we discovered that to get to my group's destination, we had to either travel around the territory of the halflings (outsiders are not permitted), or go through dangerous Dwarven ruins. We thanked them and took turns keeping watch alongside our new friends. When it came to the one called Skipper's turn ( a follower of Varghast), I noticed him slip out of camp with his horse. I thought it suspicious, so I slipped into my more comfortable form and silently followed him into the forest. I caught up to him at a clearing in the midst of a ritual of some sort. He had slit his horse's throat. An eerie howl sounded in the silence as many lone wolves crept into the clearing. As they feasted on the horse's remains, they transformed into dark, twisted versions of themselves that made my fur stand on end… Immediately, I rushed back to camp and changed back just as I burst through the treeline into camp. As it happens, the howls had woken the others, and I had just relayed my tale as Skip sauntered back into camp. The others quickly rendered him unconscious and bound him. I knew this to be something my master would want to be informed of, so I appealed to him through prayer. Surprisingly (for me, as well for him), I was successful! He quietly listened as I gave my report of the night's events, then gave me my orders: To keep the group from killing Skipper, and suggest to Gundar, the follower of Akela, to restore the balance of power between the brother wolves by suggesting to Good Wolf to create his own version of this new beast dubbed Warg. I was successful in my latest mission on both counts, and the group still doesn't know my true identity. Gundar actually believes me to be a fellow follower of Good Wolf. I'll let him believe that for now. I even managed to recruit one of the halflings into Rook's fold!

As we neared the ruins, we were beset by giant insects the others called "Praying Mantis". Luckily, the were dispatched fairly quickly, but Kah suffered wounds. Unfortunately, as the final insect met it's end, we heard the clamorous racket of a pest most foul…Kobolds!

These beasts were firmly ensconced into the ruins, and put up quite a fight. Poor Kah suffered further, as he fell victim to one of the kobold's booby traps. After beating them back, we discovered a bearowl nest (a name given to the beast by Ahmri). This monstrous beast was huge, with the body of a great bear, and the head of an owl. We had barely caught our breath before a second wave of kobolds descended upon us. The bearowl also joined in the fray, much to our dismay. Eventually, we dispatched both bearowl and kobolds, and found a defensible area within the ruins to rest and bind our wounds.

The Portal

After resting, we decided to try the portal. Only four of us could port at a time, so we split into three groups. Skipper, Kah, Ellisar, and myself made up the first group. Ahmri, Ingrodi, Floofy Pupper, and Gundar made up the second group. Dimfoodle and Trinnian brought up the rear as they were manning the portal. Ahmri painted our faces to represent various birds to empower us on our journey. Finally, we were off!

I awoke to the gentle nudging of my shoulder and saw a half-elf motioning for me to be silent. I was in an alley, along with Floofy Pupper. The rest of my party was nowhere to be seen. I asked the half-elf what his motives were, and where we were. He answered in a strange mix of elvish and some human dialect, “Friend. Bigguns bad. They take you.” I heard a gruff voice calling for my new friend, and I picked up the scent of ogre…and it was heading our way. I grabbed the half-elf’s hand and pulled him with me up a flight of stairs to an empty second story room to hide and come up with a plan. Peering out the south window, I could see the ogre in the street below. Sounds of movement could be heard from the room below us, so I decided to try and cast a sleep on the ogre like the one I’d seen Ahmri use so many times before. The spell was unsuccessful, but luckily, he still had not noticed my presence. Suddenly, I heard a gods-awful howling outside that chilled the blood and made my fur stand on end, followed by a sharp whistle. From the room below us, a giant made his way to the street to investigate the sound. My new friend began to panic. Abruptly, large wolf that stood like a man rushed the giant and attacked. Floofy Pupper leapt out the window onto the giant’s shoulder and attacked as well, so I summoned a blink dog to help, followed by a spell that sickened the giant and entangled his feet in a thick black goo. Seeing an opportunity, I reached out the window and jabbed the giant in the back of the head with my spear. Once our gargantuan foe was felled, the wolf creature ran down the street. Seeing Kah was the closest ally to me, I sent my blink dog to aid him and rushed to follow. I leapt out the window, landing lightly in a crouch. When I reached Kah, I saw that he had used the black sphere we had found in the ruins, forever melding with the gishskin. He nimbly fought another ogre. I cast a spell that sent magical missiles slamming into the ogre’s body. After our battles were over, our party was able to be reunited.

A Group of Adventurers Port Into Trouble

We ported separately, only 4 of us going at a time to make sure that things would be safe for the others. I went with the first party.


When I woke up I was no where near what I expected. Granted I was not sure what to expect but almost dangling off of a tower was the last place I expected. I pushed myself back to safety and saw two stupid Ogres to the west. I cursed my luck and started to move to a trap door in the tower and spotted a third Ogre. Spirits! My first attempt at the door was not successful but I tried a second time and got it open. It wasn't long before things started to go badly. I got down to the landing and herd Skipper blow his whistle. There is ONE of my friends. I started to make my way but suddenly I had a horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach that stopped me dead in my tracks. Of all times I feared for Trinian. Almost without thinking I pulled out the Orb and let the Gishskin consume me.

I did indeed feel more powerful! But by the time I was into the fray most of the trouble had been dealt with….. Cleaning duty….. And Trinian is alive thankfully but I was right to worry! Damn it….


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