The World

     The PCs live in a village named Riverrun, nestled in the fork where two rivers meet. Riverrun is made up of six clans - the Walker, Tallsun, Hawks, Rivermourn, Redwulf, and Longstorm clans. Each of these clans is an extended family of 20 - 50 adults, and each has their own compound, similar to the one here 

     Each clan has their own clan chieftain, and the Rivermourn clan chieftain has acted as the village Chieftain for several generations. Riverrun has a shaman, that is member to no one clan, and serves all clans equally. Each of the clan compounds is placed equidistant from a central open space used as a market, with a stone roundhouse, called a broch, in the center where the chieftains and elders hold counsel. This central field is also used during festivals, and to meet the rare travelers that pass through.

     Each clan maintains fields for growing grain and vegetables, and a herd of livestock. The people supplement this lifestyle by hunting in the nearby forest, or fishing in the rivers. Each clan is mostly self sufficient, but trade raw materials, crafts, livestock, and meat and furs from successful hunts with the other clans of Riverrun Village. Each clan is also responsible for keeping several warriors ready to defend the village at all times. While gnolls have always been a threat to those traveling the area, this winter has seen them acting bolder. They even went so far as to launch an unsuccessful attack on High Rock a month or so ago. Other Threats to the village include packs of wolves, longtooth cats, and bears. While rare, the reptilian kobolds are known to hide in the hills and deep forests.

     Riverrun village is the largest of the five Seoni tribe villages in the area. Lake village is the least like The Village, as it is built on stilts out in the water of a lake downstream of the Village. Highrock village a few days travel upstream sits on a defensible rocky outcropping at the rivers edge. Auran is nestled in the hills southwest of Riverrun, and they produce many gold beads and trinkets. Greenwood is the farthest away and the most mysterious. While each of these villages is built of differing materials, they all share the same organization and language as the Village. Additionally, all of the villages bury their dead in the Cairn, and travel there at the beginning of summer to trade goods and news. The Cairn is central to all the villages, and southwest of Riverrun.

     The PCs have heard of other places much farther away; the south lands where it never snows, home to the Algal tribes; The lands of the Voklan, whose villages are built into the sides of mountains; The nomadic, bird riding Wind Riders of the far north; and Thracia, said to be ten times as large as the Village, ruled by the mysterious Sorcerer King Uhlthrace, who slew a great dragon and made a throne of it's bones. There are tales of Elves, with their ability to make bronze, the underground dwelling Dwarves, and the fearsome halflings, known to eat those they kill. More recently, rumors whisper of a race of fae called Gnomes, with strange magical powers .

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The World

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