Skills and Languages


Note the following modifications to skills. The gist of it is that all skills are based on a pre-writing primitive life style.

Craft: All craft skills are limited to primitive (neolithic stone age) levels. New technologies can be unlocked with a high enough craft skill and research or experimentation from the players.

Disable Device: A character who encounters complex mechanical devices takes a -2 penalty on disable device checks, until they have spent a sufficient amount of game time and skill/ability checks to understand such devices.

Knowledge Skills: Knowledge skills may not be taken at 1st level unless they are a class skill. At 2nd or higher level, any skill may be taken, assuming someone is able to teach it to you. Some modifications to specific skills are:

Engineering: only primitive construction techniques are understood, at least initially.

Nature: Knowledge (Nature) is a class skill for all characters. Additionally, characters gain a +1 trait bonus to Knowledge (Nature) checks.

Nobility: This is limited to local villages and other known tribes, and mostly deals with the lineages and personalities of Chieftains and famous warriors.

Planes: This skill may not be taken until a character has been introduced to the concept of planes, and had a chance to study said concepts. All characters have a vague Idea of a spirit world, where nature spirits come from, and the spirits of the deceased go to.

Religion: No formal religions exist yet, but some lore of undead and nature spirits exists.

Linguistics: As writing is unknown, the decipher script aspect of this skill is unknown. It can be used to figure out a writing system (at severe penalty), assuming the concept writing is discovered.

Spellcraft: If a character tries to identify a spell effect or spell-like ability that is not based on a spell from the witch spell list, those DCs will be at +2, as magic is not well understood, and spells not on the witch's spell list would be considered strange and unknown.

Survival: This is a class skill for all characters. furthermore, all characters gain a +1 trait bonus to survival skill checks.

Use magic device: This skill may still be used, but does not work on scrolls until the idea of writen languages is understood. This is mostly a moot point, as scrolls are unlikely to exist at this point. This skill is more of a natural talent, as opposed to any understanding of how magic works.


There is no Common tongue, as cultures have not mixed enough to make one necessary. Also, characters are illiterate, because human culture has not developed writing yet. Characters start play speaking their native language, which for the starting game, will be Seonese.

other language choices the characters may have learned are:

  • Algal (humans – the southern human tribes)
  • Elvish
  • Gnoll (gnolls. duh.)
  • Gnomish
  • Halvish (halven, a mix of elvish and algal)
  • Jotun (giants)
  • Warrish (Halfling)
  • Narmaren (humans – nomads of the otherlands)
  • Ohrinian (humans – nomads of the otherlands)
  • Thracian (humans – the sorcerer king's people)
  • Voklan (humans – the cliff dwelling tribes)

Characters who have more language slots than this may learn new languages as they are encountered, after a month of training with someone to teach them.

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Skills and Languages

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